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Extract files from splitted archive


If all parts of splitted archive is present, then opening and extracting of archive is the same like archives that are non-splitted. On other hand, if you don't have all parts of archive, SmartRAR will ask you for missing parts (Rar only).

Missing volume window (Rar only)

Image of SmartRAR missing volume window.

If you are missing some parts of archive, some files will have left or right (or both) arrow icon next to file type icon. That means that in order to extract that files you will need previous or next part (or both) of archive. When extraction process comes to that files it will open missing volume window and ask you for destination of that volume. In textbox you will find the name of missing volume. You can press "Browse" button to find missing volume in your file system or press "Cancel" to stop extraction.

Note that you will not be able to extract file that is missing previous volume (left arrow icon next to file type icon), even with "keep broken files" option enabled. In order to extract that file you will need to open archive from prevoius volume, and then start extraction process.

Browse button

Image of SmartRAR Browse button.

In order to find missing volume you will need to press "Browse" button. After pressing "Browse" button, standard Open panel will appear. Now you can search in your file system for missing volume. Note that missing volume can be anywhere in your file system, and that it not need to have the same name as prevoius volumes.That means that, if you downloaded parts from different sources, you can combine them without renaming, as long as they are compatible.

Resume extraction process

Image of SmartRAR resume extraction process.

When you find missing volume, you will need to press "OK" button in browse volume window to resume extraction process.